I’m struggling to forgive myself for this box.

I’m struggling to forgive myself for this box.

I still feel pretty shy regarding posting at my whim on this space.

“It should be well-organized.”
“Pithy, Jaunty, Incisive.”
“20% words/80% images.”

Who the fuck cares!?

No one is looking here, I think it may be a space I’m supposed to look at, but later.

Now, I should post with less evaluation. The consideration is for the “in retrospect” time which is yet to come.

Stupid Trolls

If apprising people of their grammar and other written English mistakes via “comments” sections is wrong, I DON’T WANT TO BE RIGHT.

(Full Disclosure: while inputting this message using my phone’s onscreen keyboard, I noticed I’d used “appraising” instead of “apprising” (actually, just realized that was courtesy of AC…) and “there” when I’d intended the possessive.

But, I looked it over and fixed my errors! You should, too—your own errors, and mine also should you find them.

I may be smug enough to think you won’t, but that’s almost another matter.) ( ^ω^ )



(One of) my name(s) is Berit.

I’d like to be more of who I am.